Appropriate, custom solutions for our clients. 


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Initial Consultation

Designing systems to meet a client's expectations can require a short meeting or months of planning. In person meetings to see your facility, or look over drawings, helps us understand what you want, what you need, and the space we are designing for. There is typically no fee for this process. Consultation is just part of making sure we are designing a system just right for you.


Design requires creativity, technical skill, and understanding our clients. We assess your needs and the details about your facility to start selecting components, diagramming out the system, and determining the work neccesary to complete the project. We like to work closely with our clients throughout the design progresses. This process can be very quick but often requires input and approval from multiple groups and other contractors or your architect.


Once we have an approved design and quote, equipment is ordered and the installation window is determined. Many of our clients, such as churches and schools, require thoughtful scheduling. Sunday mornings and English class can't happen in a room that looks like a construction site. Our clients need to keep on with their normal daily business so we get in and out on time and on budget.

Follow up and support

After Integration we train your staff on system operation. Our labor carries a two year guarantee and we can even take care of maintenance to ensure your investment has a long life.

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