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projector and sound rental

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Our QSC K Series speakers always come with a stand and iPod/computer cable for playing music from any source with a standard headphone jack. Multiple speakers can be chained together using a single cable and we offer a great discount on speaker pairs. Don't just be heard, be understood.


Wired and wireless microphones from Shure and Sennheiser ensure  you're heard loud and clear. Microphone rentals always include the appropriate cabling and stands. 




We offer 4,000 lumen projectors to make sure your presentation or video is bright and crisp. Projectors come with a stand and all the needed cabling.


Projection screens make all the difference. Our screens are 60"x80" tripod, 6'x8', and 9'x12' FastFold.   


Create instant vibe at your party and add a DJ/Party light or two (or ten, we won't judge) to your rental.